BLLR Club Events

Action Pistol Shoot

We are having Action Pistol Shoots in the pistol bunker. Next scheduled date is May 13 2023. We will set up at 8am with shooting at 9am. The cost is $5 to shoot all day or until you run out of ammo. This is limited to members, family members, and 1 guest. This shoot is not open to the public. Other Action Pistol dates will be scheduled on a month-to-month basis – check the minutes or newsletters for specific information.

We shoot pistols on 3 stages in the morning and carbine type rifles after lunch.  Tools required: Guns, holster, magazines or speed loaders, safety gear, and at least a box of ammo to complete 3 stages.  For those participants without holsters, they will start at the low-ready position. You will be doing reloads in the middle of each stage. Both, pistols and revolvers can be shot. If you haven't attended one of these, you are missing out on lots of fun and information. This program is great practice for CCW license holders.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to participate in this shoot.  It is a terrific learning experience and loads of fun!

Members are encouraged to bring guests (up to 3 allowed). 

Lunch is NOT provided.

Ben is heading this up. We could use a few more volunteers to help with the set-up, operation, and clean-up. Please contact Ben Back at 330-317-3969 with any questions.

The Steel Challenge

The Steel Challenge - Shoot at steel plates 8”, 6”, 4”.  Will shoot out of pistol bunker with speed and accuracy, low ready position.  Center fire only.  June, July, August once a week on Wednesday at 6pm.  Range will be shut down for this.

NRA 25 Yd Bullseye Pistol Program

This program (25 Yard Bullseye) for 2023 run on Wednesday nights June through August from 6:00 pm to dusk on the Rifle Range 

Black Powder Muzzle Loading Clinic

Black Powder Muzzle Loading Clinic May 6th 2023  at the Brokenlock Range

Hosted by Dave Swartz, this clinic is open to all members and their guests.

There is no charge but donations are welcome for powder, balls, and lunch.

Start time: 10AM to 12 noon

Lunch time: 12 noon to 1 PM, we will be serving grilled hot dogs and salad.

End time: When we are out of powder, time or patience.

We will be discussing and demonstrating traditional volumetric loading of bulk

black powder, firing cloth patched round balls and loose lead shot.

We will be firing inline, flintlock, and cap lock rifle, cap lock revolver, and cap

lock shotgun.

Eye and ear protection are required!!!!

If you have a firearm that loads from the muzzle and shoots any form of black

powder you might want to bring it.

Don’t miss your chance to learn, handle, and shoot firearms that have kept food

on the table and defended home and hearth for centuries.

The Great Rimfire Shootout

The Great Rimfire Shootout

Saturday, June 24, 2023 at Brokenlock

This shoot is designed to be an annual event open to members and their guests. You may bring more than one guest if you wish. So please plan to spend the day with us.

Awards will be 1st , 2nd and 3rd place for each individual target. There will also be 1st , 2nd , and 3rd place aggregate or overall awards.

In addition, there will be a perpetual award for the member with the top aggregate or overall score for the match. His or Her name will be added to a nameplate on this award. The award will be retained by the club and displayed each year at this event.

So here are the details,

Registration opens at 9:00 am and will remain open all day.

Entry fee: $20

There will be 20 - 15-minute, non-squaded relays, meaning not everyone will have to shoot at the same time. You do NOT have to start at 9:00 am. You can enter anytime while the range is in operation. Keep in mind the number of relays you will need if you intend to fire the complete aggregate. The range will close after the end of Relay 20.

Firearm: Any rimfire cartridge rifle in good working order. You may use more than one rifle and more than one caliber.

Sights: Any sight metallic or telescopic.

General: Eye and Ear protection are required.

               If you have a spotting scope or binoculars, bring them.

Course of Fire:

Six targets, at distances of 25, 50, and 100 yards - 3 offhand and 3 bench. Ten record shots per target. Total of 60 shots, plus sighters.

Water will be provided.

Lunch will be served from 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm.

Questions? 330-466-1656 - leave a message


Members Swap Meet

 October 7, 2023 7:00 am setup

Brokenlock Longrifles Gun Club Grounds

Members and Immediate family only

Buy, Sell, Trade, Give Away

Reserve a free table, bring your own table, sell out of your trunk. Come out and have a good time.

Sell, Buy, Trade, any items you think club members might be interested in. All sporting goods, Outdoor Clothing, Books, Camping gear, Archery items

Free Coffee, Meet Interesting People, Etc.

Reserve table or questions Call or Text:

Andy Hranko    330-749-1257

Paul Hranko      330-621-8350

Centerfire Jug Shoot


May 20 and September 16, 2023

Reach into the back corner of your closet and dust off that centerfire rifle.  We're gonna have a jug shoot at the Brokenlock Range!  This event is open to the public--so bring your friends.

This is how it works: At 100 yards, a cable will be installed just above the target frames; and on that cable, we will suspend plastic jugs filled with water on metal hooks. 

We start with gallon jugs for the first round, then ½ gallon for the second, and pints for the third.  Each shooter will get 3 shots per round to be fired in 3 minutes (loads of time) to hit the jug.  Scoring is simple:  Hit first shot, 1 point.  Hit 2nd shot, 2 points. Hit 3rd shot, 3 points.  And no hit is 4 points.  At the end of shooting, you will want to have a low point score.  Pretty simple huh?

This is known as a blanket shoot because when all the scores are totaled, the shooter with the lowest score will pick a prize from the blanket (or table) first.  The second lowest will pick next, and so on until the last.  Every shooter will take home something.  Bring stuff, take stuff--Great huh?

 Now for the Details!

 Entry Fee:     $10 prize for the prize table  

 Firearm:          Any centerfire cartridge rifle in good working order, using smokeless

                          or black powder as a propellant.

 Caliber:        Black Powder Cartridge:          .620 cal. or smaller

                        Smokeless Powder Cartridge:   .460 cal. or smaller

 Sights:          Any sights

 Position:       Firing will be in the Offhand Position without the aid of a sling, carry strap, or shooting sticks

General:        Eye & Ear Protection must be worn.  You will need a minimum of 20 cartridges. You may use more than one rifle or caliber.  

                        Spotting scopes and binoculars are recommended

Sight In and Registration:   9:00 am, safety meeting at 10:00 am, shooting immediately following.

If you really like to shoot centerfire, be sure to bring plenty of extra cartridges.  After the main event we will shoot until the jugs, light, or desire run out.

Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot – Dave Swartz announced a turkey shoot being held on Sunday, November 18 2023. 

Sign up and practice is at noon and shooting begins at 1 pm. The cost

is $20 and is for both members and guests. It will consist of 22 cal. rim fire rifle or

pistol. The sighting can be iron sights, scopes or red dot. Shooting will be at 50 yards, off hand only,

standing. There will be 10 prizes, best overall gets 2nd prize.