Brokenlock Longrifles Gun Club

"... To carry on the sport of marksmanship in a safe and fun manner"

Thank you for your interest in our club.

We have a membership cap of 300 members. We currently have openings for new members. You can be put on the waiting list by having your sponsor contact Steve Etter at the number listed below.

To join, you are required to:

1) Have someone that has been a member of BLLR for 2 or more years sponsor you,

2) Be an NRA, GOA or  OGO  member in good standing,

3) Pass a general background check and complete the application process.

Please have the member who will sponsor you contact me and we will start the application process.         

At this time, the dues are $150 per year, due upon being voted into the club and there is a one-time fee of $40 for the background check upon sending in an application. If the background check requires additional jurisdictional searches you are responsible for that cost. Our membership year goes from July 1st through June 30th.

For membership questions: 

Steve Etter


Membership Secretary

3490 Alabama Ave NW

North Lawrence OH 44666

Brokenlock Practical Pistol 2024.pdf

The Pistol Bunker back stop has been increased by 6 feet making it much safer than before. Thanks to Dave DeCeuster for all his efforts on this project.

The Turkey Shoot was a HUGE success. We had 21 shooters and many spectators. Coffee, doughnuts and a great time were had by all. Hope to see you at next years Turkey Shoot.

We had a record 21 shooters at the Turkey shoot and 4 non-shooters.  The non-shooters were Andy Hranko, Dave Semonin, Dan Stallard, and Dave Swartz.


The shooters were Ben Back, Dave Blough, Tim Coblentz (guest), Jim Coletta (guest), Dave DeCeuster, Colton Dutter, Steve Etter, Nathan Farver, Paul Gaus, Aaron Gray, Dianne Kelley, Adam Mitchell (guest), Lee Rue, Tim Semonin, Gary Singer, Larry Singer, Rick Szymen, Arlin Troyer, Tim Vance, Craig Westphal, and Rich Wohlford.


There were 10 winners overall for 3D Meats $25.00 gift cards.  Winner #5 received a gift card plus a steel gong target.  Below are the winners of the gift cards:


Round 1   Dave Blough

Round 2   Rick Szymen

Round 3   Rich Wohlford

Round 4   Ben Back

Round 5   Aaron Gray — and the steel gong target

Round 6   Nathan Farver

Round 7   Colton Dutter

Round 8   Tim Vance

Round 9   Gary Singer

Round 10  Tim Coblentz


The overall winner with a total of 95 points out of 100 was Gary Singer, who took home a 28-quart Igloo cooler and a 12 lb. turkey.


Congratulations to all the winners!


We would like to say thank you Dan Stallard for being our Range Safety Officer. 


A special thank you to Dave Swartz who got the prizes and organized and orchestrated the Turkey Shoot.  Thanks Dave, it was great weather and a great shoot.  Everyone had a great time!