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July 3, 2019

Call to Order

President Ben Back called the monthly member meeting for Brokenlock Longrifles, Inc. (BLLR) to order at approximately 7:03 pm on July 3, 2019 at the Smithville Community Center. He led the attendees in the pledge of allegiance. All BLLR officers were present.

Secretary’s Report

In general a concern was expressed that the financial data and names of new members had not been placed in the meeting minutes. First, the financial data will be reported in further detail as currently categorized as it becomes available. If a member needs additional information, please contact Treasurer Ed Starling directly. Second, names of new members will be entered into the minutes. The June Member Meeting Minutes have been revised to include the names.

Membership’s Report

Membership Secretary Andy Hranko presented six applicants for membership. After Eric Keesee made the motion to accept the applicants and John Moore seconded the motion, the 28 members present approved the applicants for membership. They were instructed to meet with Head Range Officer Tim Hess for the final step in the membership process involving the range safety orientation. With these six new members the membership roster has reached 295. Badges for recent renewals are in the mail. At this time 40 non-renewals remain, but have July to submit their dues with a late fee.

Membership Renewal Information

(1) The membership dues paid during July incur a $25 late fee for a total of $125. If the dues are not paid by July 31st, the membership is terminated and becomes available for a new applicant.

(2) Copies of both a photo identification (e.g., driver license) and your NRA card must be included. An NRA Life member only has to submit a copy of the lifetime status once. Any check received without copies of these documents will be returned. Also, please legibly provide any updates to your personal information (address, phone number, email address), if applicable. (3) Send the check and copies to the following address:

                                                            Brokenlock Longrifles
                                                            P.O. Box 1435
                                                            Wooster, Ohio 44691

With the start of a new membership year, remember the access code on the gate’s combination lock and the member’s log-in password for the club’s website have changed.

Grounds Committee

As originally planned on Friday (6/7), Ben, Andy, and Dave operated a Ventrac unit to cut and spray vegetation along various areas on the BLLR grounds. Additionally they cleaned up debris from the grounds due to wind damage on Thursday (6/27). Also, Andy and his grandson along with Terry Johns addressed the debris that had been created by the utilities trimming the vegetation growth along the roadway.

Because the wet weather has hampered the removal of the sod near the rifle pavilion, the new gravel has not been placed in the driveway and parking areas. Additional gravel also will be used at the gate entrance area.

Another combination lock of the original type has been placed on the gate. Several members had expressed their increased difficulty to see the numbers on the combination lock used on the gate. Three different locks were tested to find a replacement. Unfortunately all failed to provide sufficient improvement or created other issues (e.g., accidently changing the access code too easily). As a possible option in the future, Gary Harper offered to try putting paint used to highlight weapons’ sights on all the lock’s numbers. If anyone becomes aware of a combination lock having better visible numbers, please provide us with the manufacturer and model.

Orkin continues to periodically provide its services this year to address the mosquitoes.

Given the all-day Great Rimfire Shootout event that recently occurred, a suggestion was made to make arrangements to pump the toilet.

Members are encouraged to report any observed potential maintenance issues. Don’t assume others may have already reported a problem. It is better to receive several reports than none at all. During the meeting Bob Rose mentioned that vegetation had started growing in the rifle pavilion spouting. Since his observation Aaron Hoskinson has cleaned out the spouting.

Special Events

The next Jug Shoot, which involves off-hand centerfire rifles with any optic, is scheduled for September 21st.

The 2nd Annual Great Rimfire Shootout occurred on June 22nd with participation by 18 members, 3 guests, and 3 juniors. Dave Swartz and his support team successfully conducted the challenging activity, warranting a plan to schedule another in 2020.

A Family Campout is scheduled for July 19-21, 2019 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). In support of this several day event, the BLLR ranges will be closed starting at noon Friday (7/19) through Sunday (7/21). Even though you may not plan to camp, please stop and participate in the various activities. Steel targets will be shot on Saturday (7/20) in addition to novelty targets. All shooting will be conducted using rimfire ammunition, which will be available on-site, if needed. Also, tomahawk and knife throwing activities are planned as well as fire starting and cast-iron cooking.

Program Updates

Sporting Clays / Ben Back and Andy Hranko

Following a profitable first shoot of the season in May, the shoot on Saturday June 8th also resulted in a profit with one-hundred (100) paid shooters and eleven (11) trappers participating. Unfortunately twelve (12) paid shooters had their money refunded due to the lack of availability of trappers. Three more trappers probably would have been adequate to handle this level of shooter participation. The set-up for the activities will begin the prior Friday evening (July 12th, August 9th, September 13th, October 11th) at 5:00 pm and will continue on Saturday beginning at 7:00 am. The actual shooting will start at 9:00 am and end by 3:00 pm (last shooter sign in 1:00 pm). Members that volunteer to support the Sporting Clays Program do not have to commit to the entire day. Any support (hours, half day, etc.) is greatly appreciated. If you can help with the set-up or shoot or have other questions about youth participation, please contact Andy or Ben.

Because of the insufficient amount of trapper support at the June shoot, discussions occurred about ways to encourage more assistance in this important fund-raising club activity. Ideas included implementing mandatory work days, restricting the duration of the activity based on the number of trappers available, and actually hiring people to supplement the volunteers. Also, the members who received their NRA Range Safety Officer certification through an approved training course paid by BLLR should consider helping with the trapper responsibilities. Based on the member support of the Sporting Clays Program during the remainder of the season, these options may need to be assessed at a later date to determine if a different approach may have to be adopted.

Scott Mykrantz Legacy Youth Foundation (SMLYF)

As stated previously, until specific activities for the SMLYF program are planned, the Board of Trustees intends to provide support to children under age 18 participating in other club activities. In coordination with the various shooting program leaders, Treasurer Ed Starling is working to reimburse them for any previously allocated BLLR funds used to support youth participants.

22 Pistol / Dave DeCeuster

Although the 22 Pistol Program had to cancel the June 18th session due to range flooding, good progress continues to be made by the shooters in the program. All BLLR members are invited to come to the pistol bunker on any Tuesday evening at 6 pm through August to observe the structure of the program in case you would like to participate next year. Please remember your eye and ear protection.

Bullseye Pistol / Ryan Marthey (not present)

Head Range Officer Tim Hess, who also participates in the Bullseye Pistol Program, mentioned that 10 to 12 shooters have been involved in the program this season.

Action Pistol & Carbine / Ben Back

Twelve (12) shooters participated in a session of the Action Pistol & Carbine Program held on June 15th. No session is scheduled in July due to schedule conflicts. An August session will be scheduled at a later date. The program consists of three stages: simple, intermediate, and more complex. The five-dollar entry fee covers the entire day of shooting – pistols in the morning followed by rifles in the afternoon (both in the pistol bunker). There is a break for lunch. The set-up begins at 8:00 am and shooting at 9:00 am. Members are encouraged to bring guests (up to 3 allowed).

Old Business

Having met twice during the last month, the Pistol Pavilion Committee provided a top level status on its activities. A basic pavilion-type structure is being considered. The structure must satisfy the needs for current pistol programs: the 22LR pistol and action pistol. Also, the structure must address the individual member’s use of the target line position for patterning shot guns and shooting steel. To make sure items are not overlooked, visits to other local ranges are being planned starting July 8th. Also, five contractors have been identified to propose bids. If members can recommend other contractors, please contact Tim Hess.

Because the Club House Committee involves a long-term strategy, Ed Starling mentioned that the committee’s effort is just starting to begin. Dave Swartz did mention that Franz could put a well on the BLLR property.

The BLLR’s new range rules have been posted on the website (use new log-in password).

BLLR hats in either orange or tan for $15/hat and BLLR shirts ($20/M,L,XL shirt; $25/XXXL shirt) will continue to be made available at the end of the monthly meetings. Also, the hats and shirts will be available at the Sporting Clays Program’s shoots. Please consider purchasing this merchandise to support the club.

New Business

In addition to the issue of whether BLLR needs a liability waiver for non-members, John Becker will be contacted about whether any requirements exist to maintain our corporation status (including Gary Harper’s request for an audited treasurer’s report).


Jim Zeiter made the motion to adjourn with Bob Merillat seconding it. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:07 pm.

Submitted by Secretary / Dennie Richwine

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