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June 6, 2018

Membership Renewals: Mail membership renewals to this address ONLY!

Membership Renewals are due! Renewals must be paid by June 30, 2018. Payments made during the month of July must include a $25 LATE FEE. If not renewed by July 31, your membership will expire and you must reapply for membership and go on the waiting list like any other new applicant.


Please send your renewal package to the club. The package consists of: a check for $100, a copy of your driver license, and a copy of your NRA membership card. If you are a Life member of the NRA and we already have a copy of your LIFE membership card on file, just send the check and a copy of your driver license.

Please mail package to:

Brokenlocks Longrifles, Inc.

  1. O. Box 1435

Wooster, Ohio 44691


06-06-18 Member meeting synopsis

Call to Order – Ben Back

Ben called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


The first order of business declared by Ben Back was the Special Meeting to vote to amend our Code of Regulations to allow for an increase in membership to 300 regular and lifetime members. Jim Zeiter so moved, John Moore seconded, and the measure passed. Lyle Baker moved to close the special meeting, Norm Coverdale seconded, and the special meeting closed.

Minutes – Gary Harper

                The minutes of the last meeting stand as posted.

Membership – Andy Hranko

                We are at 250 members. Andy has 31 people on the waiting list. New members will be phased in at 10 or fewer per month until our maximum membership level is reached. All members who desire to sponsor an applicant are encouraged to provide the applicant’s name and contact information to Andy Hranko.

Life Members

Four Life Member applications were presented to current Life Members for approval, all four were voted in. Our newly inducted Life Members are: Ben Back, Aaron Hoskinson, Ken Lingle, and John S. Moore. Congratulations to all.

Facilities Maintenance – Dave DeCeuster

Dave DeCeuster reported on the status of our grounds. He advised that a work day will be announced soon to paint the rifle pavilion and apply stain to the tower. He also explained the purpose of the new culvert was not to prevent flooding, but was to allow heavier vehicles to access our property west of the small stream so we could post a Porta Jon somewhere in the sporting clays area on that part of our property.

Gary Harper presented a list of volunteers who completed posting new target boards in both the pistol and rifle ranges on the May 26 workday. The volunteers were: Ben Back, Henry Blubaugh, Bruce Chapman, Dave DeCeuster, Gary Harper, Aaron Hoskinson, Paul Hranko, Ken Lingel, John Moore, John Peterman, Dennie Richwine, and Paul Starkey. Thank you all for your service to our club.

Upcoming Events

Andy Hranko reported on the Sporting Clays held on May 12. We had 70 paid shooters, 15 helpers/trappers, and submitted $1,223 profits to the Treasurer. Ben Back asked for more bags to cover the clays to keep them dry and Ken Lingel volunteered to obtain more.

Ken Lingle updated us on the SMLYF activities this year. He has contacted Glenn Baldwin and lined up instructors for the August youth shooting three-gun event.

Dave DeCeuster reported he has 23 shooters enrolled in the .22 Pistol Program that meets on Tuesday evenings from 6 pm until dusk. He noted about half of the shooters are from the Parkview church and the others from our club.

Ryan Marthey announced the Bullseye Pistol Program will begin on Wednesday, June 13 at 6 pm and encouraged anyone with questions to contact him at The program will run until August.

Ben Back announced an Action Pistol/Rifle on June 30th. Setup and registration begins at 8 am and shooting starts at 9am with pistols before lunch and carbines after lunch. The cost is $5.00 for members and their guests. Ben asked for funding to purchase cardboard silhouette targets; Norm Coverdale moved to authorize the expense, Dave Swartz seconded it, and it was approved.

Ken Lingel reported the first jug shoot had 20 shooters. The next one will be on September 15.

Dave Swartz is expecting a great turnout for the Great Rimfire Shootout on June 23. Dave will be providing hot sandwiches (hot dogs, brats, and maybe hamburgers). There is no charge for junior shooters. See the flyer on our website for details.

An AR Shoot is scheduled for August 25th. Any centerfire AR platform is okay. Bring ammunition and a desire to shoot in friendly competition.

A Reloading Clinic is scheduled for October 6th. Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of reloading or some of the techniques used by experienced reloaders is encouraged to attend. The focus will be educational, with demonstrations and Q and A. They intend to address reloading for any type of firearm.


Tom Kreider will be bringing the undistributed club shirts and hats to our meetings and make them available to club members until the inventory is exhausted. The price is $20 for shirts and $15 for hats. All club members are encouraged to bring cash or checks to the meetings and purchase the items to show your club pride. Thanks, Tom.

Andy reported the recently formed Range Improvement Committee met at the range and is considering obtaining a conveyer to deliver dirt to the top of the rifle range 100-yard backstop.

Now that the culvert is in, Ed Starling will go forward in obtaining a Porta Jon for use at the Sporting Clays events.

A discussion ensued concerning use of steel targets on our ranges. Ben Back wisely tabled the item and referred it to the Trustees to develop a steel target policy.


Ben reminded us there is no member meeting in July as that date is Independence Day.

Ben reported that some sporting clays shooters wanted to purchase orange club hats. Ben referred it to the Trustees for a discussion of hats to be worn by trappers, range safety officers, and shooters.

John Moore wanted clarification on how to handle tips given to trappers by sporting clays shooters. Andy stated that tips obtained by trappers may be kept by the trapper or inserted in the tip jar – it is strictly the trapper’s prerogative.

Ken Lingel reported that Denny’s Pressure Washing offered a quote of $75 to pressure wash the rifle range and $225 to scrub the concrete under the pavilion. Roger Miller moved to contract with Denny’s for the pressure washing only, to be performed before June 23; Dave Swatrz seconded it, and it was approved.

Ben and Andy clarified the processing of new member applications. Sponsors need to contact Andy and provide the name, phone number, and email address of prospective members. Applications will only be sent to applicants with a sponsor.

Good of the Order

Rick Szymen moved to adjourn, Dave Wynn seconded the motion and it carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Harper, Recording Secretary

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