Brokenlock Longrifles Gun Club Newsletter

November 7, 2018

We held our monthly meeting on November 7, 2018.


All members are reminded the club does not hold member meetings in December or January. The next scheduled member meeting will be on February 6, 2019.



Andy Hranko presented 1 applicant for membership; Eric Graves. The membership voted him in. A hearty welcome to our newest member!


Dave DeCeuster reported on the status of our grounds.

Dave reported the pistol target boards have been replaced and thanked John Moore, Denny Richwine, Dale Angerman, and Gary Harper for assisting in the work.

Dave has not yet modified target boards numbers 1 and 2 on the rifle range as part of the ongoing range modification to provide a higher backstop at the 100-yard target line. Dave will be trimming top of the 25-yard target board backstop and then lowering the 50-yard target boards and trimming the top soil of that backstop so that the 100-yard target boards can be lowered. The goal is an increase in the height of the backstop above the 100-yard target boards by an estimated two to four feet. This is a test to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. If the results are promising, the remaining target boards will be adjusted after the winter hunting season ends.

The contract with Gutter Helmet to cover the gutters on the storage garage has not yet been fulfilled; Dave will continue to monitor the work once it begins.

The Sporting Clays trails are wet and soggy this time of year and Dave wants to place a cable across the entrance to the Clays area to keep vehicles out when the ground is soggy. The Clays trails are still usable for members who wish to walk on them, but no vehicles that would get bogged down.   If you see the cable across the bridge, it is a stop for vehicular traffic, pedestrians are welcome.

Andy Hranko reported the tower has been stained.


The October Sporting Clays had 76 shooters with 12 trappers. The season was a success and generated $6,174 for the club. Great job, Andy. We look forward to another season in 2019.

SMLYF still need a member to step up to be the SMLYF Director. Anyone interested should contact one of the Trustees.

Dave DeCeuster reported Parkview Winchester Pistol Program ended with the October 2 banquet at the Barn. He reported a net gain of $49.53 which he gave to the treasurer. Dave publicly acknowledged the assistance of range safety officers Tim Hess, Denny Richwine, and Paul Hranko with a special thanks to Tom Kreider as the Range Commander.

Ryan Marthey was not present to report on the Wednesday Bullseye Pistol Program.   We await his end-of-season report.

Ben reported 9 shooters at the October 27 Action Pistol / Rifle event and presented funds to the treasurer. The event was cut short immediately after lunch due to inclement weather.

The next Action Pistol / Rifle event may be on November 17. Make plans to attend and have a great time. Pistol shooting will begin around 9:00, and Rifles will be used after a lunch break.

Dave Swartz reported that he and Nathan Farver conducted a Reloading Clinic on October 6. 12 people attended, and Dave wants to schedule the event again in 2019.


The Trustees reported our insurance coverage to include property insurance is now in force. Ed paid the annual premium that increased our liability coverage from $100,000 to $1,000,000. The new policy provides liability coverage for all normal operations of a gun and rod club. The insurance coverage is primarily for our guests if they are injured on club grounds. Members are exempt from coverage under this policy because it only protects the club from liability claims from an injured guest. As members, we agree to use the facilities at our own risk.

Ben Back advised the discussion on a covered area for the Pistol Bunker will continue next year.

The Annual Banquet to be conducted at Ed Starling’s house on January 19, 2019 at 5008 Shreve Road, Wooster, Ohio 44691. Arrive at 5:00 pm or later and intend to eat by 6:00 pm. The Club will provide the entrees of various meats. Guests are asked to bring side dishes, salads, and deserts. Everyone should bring a gift for exchange; the gift should have a maximum value of $10. Heads up: guys should bring a guy gift, gals should bring a gal gift, and children should bring a gift suitable to another child. Attendees are encouraged to bring an adult beverage if they desire. The club will also provide water, coffee, and the sodas that remain in the sporting clays inventory. Please RSVP to Edward Starling at or you can call him at (330) 621-1328.

Tom Kreider announced he has ordered 25 beige and 25 orange hats for the club. The hats will be available at the banquet in January and at the February member meeting.


Ben reminded us the Sporting Clays Porta Jon needs to be removed before winter weather sets in. Ed will contact the provider to get it picked up.

Gary Harper announced NRA Range Safety Officer training courses on November 17, 2018 and February 2, 2019. Anyone interest in attending either class must preregister. To learn more about the class or to preregister, contact Gary Harper at (330) 317-8890 or Ben Back reminded the membership that the cost of training will be paid by the club.

Aaron Hoskinson requested a reminder in our Newsletter that firearms should not be handled when people are down range. Flashing lights under the rifle range pavilion or orange cones in front of the firing line indicate the range is in a “Cease Fire” state and no firearms are to be handled in or on the range under a cease fire. IF you bring a rifle from your car to the pavilion, leave it in the case until everyone has returned to the pavilion. Only when the range is “clear” can a rifle be moved from a carry case to the rifle stands or firing points.

Dave Swartz recommended we consider holding more winter seminars in our barn using propane heaters. The trustees will need to address procuring and using propane heaters in the barn.

All members are reminded the club does not hold member meetings in December or January. The next scheduled member meeting will be on February 6, 2019.

Ben Back announced we will continue to meet in the Smithville Community Building during 2019. The trustees will schedule with the building planners to reserve the meeting room.

Ben Back opened the Election of the 2019 Trustees. Ballots were distributed, and all members present voted. When the votes were tallied, the 2019 slate of trustees is identical to the 2018 trustees – all were re-elected. For planning purposes, the trustees all agreed to keep the same offices, so no change in officers is to be expected for 2019. The 2019 Trustees are: Ben Back, Dave DeCeuster, Tim Hess, Andy Hranko, and Ed Starling.

Good of the Order

Jim Zeiter moved to adjourn, Duane Plessinger seconded the motion. The motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Harper, Recording Secretary

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