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September 5, 2018

We held our monthly meeting on September 5, 2018.



Andy Hranko presented 8 applicants for membership; they are: Russ Alexander, Zachary Derflinger, Tim Endsley, Steve Forney, Mike Howard, Gilbert O’Neill, Nick Santoro, and Brian White.

John Moore moved to accept all applicants as new members, Jim Steiner seconded the motion and it carried. A hearty welcome to all new members!

These new members bring our active membership to 262.


Dave DeCeuster reported on the status of our grounds. He said we will delay replacing the damaged pistol target boards until October.

Dave and Ben bush-hogged several trails and weeded the area adjacent to the creek near the rifle range; and roto-tilled the creek banks so they can be seeded and covered with straw on Friday morning. Several members volunteered to assist him.

Dave will get prices to install gutter guards on the rifle pavilion and storage building. He will present a report to the Trustees for consideration.

He also announced removing the 100-yard, # 5 target board to allow the steel target to swing freely. The lower 2x4 stringer at #5 will also be removed.

Dave set the date for September 29 to apply stain to the tower. A member volunteered to bring a sprayer and Ben asked for other volunteers to assist. He anticipates a 9 am starting time.


The August Sporting Clays had 94 shooters with only 12 helpers. October 13 will be the last one of the season. The Clays program could use more member support. Please consider helping your club. New members are welcome to assist.

SMLYF 3-gun shoot on August 18th had 13 youth shooters, accompanied by one or more parent. Ken Lingle coordinated the event. We still need a member to step up to be the SMLYF Director. Anyone interested should contact one of the Trustees.

Dave DeCeuster reported 18 shooters this year, five of whom attained the NRA Distinguished Expert level. The awards banquet for the shooters and helpers is scheduled for October 2 at The Barn restaurant at 6:00 pm.

Ben reported that Dave Swartz conducted an AR Shoot on August 25 with 9 shooters participating.

Ryan Marthey was not present to report on the Wednesday Bullseye Pistol Program.

Ben announced the September 29 Action Pistol / Rifle shoot is firm and the October 20 shoot is proposed. but not yet confirmed. Keep following the newsletter for updates. Make plans to attend and have a great time.

Future Events

Ken Lingle will conduct a Jug Shoot on September 15. Ben reminded us to come out and have fun. The entry fee is $10 and a $10 gift for the prize table. Any center-fired rifle is allowed with any types of sights. Shooting will be off-hand without the use of a sling.

Dave Swartz and Nathan Farver will conduct a Reloading Clinic on October 6. This is a great opportunity to learn more about reloading metallic cartridges and shot shells.


The Trustees are looking into expanding our insurance coverage to include property insurance in addition to our current liability insurance. The Trustees have discussed this with our attorney who will need time to consider the possibilities. The insurance carrier will most likely want us to have a liability waiver signed by each member and guest who uses our ranges. John Becker is looking into drafting such a document for us.

Paul Hranko brought the club’s shirts and hats to the meeting and will continue to offer them at our club events. Please support our club by purchasing shirts and hats.


Our Range Rules will be amended to reflect the use of steel targets; the Trustees are working on revising them.

The Trustees are looking into erecting a covered area for the Pistol Bunker. This is a longer-term project that will become an action item in 2019 or 2020.

Ben reported a consideration for erecting a club house on our property. There is nothing firm; it is also a consideration for the future.

Ben reminded the members about our October meeting being the time to open nominations for the 2019 Trustees.

A discussion occurred concerning our annual Christmas Party. The idea was to determine if a location could be selected that would permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Several suggestions were brought up for consideration and further research. This topic should be revisited in the October meeting.

Ben requested all currently certified NRA Safety Officer print a copy of their certificate and give it to one of the officers or mail it to Brokenlock Longrifles Gun Club, P O Box 1435, Wooster, Ohio 44691.   Gary Harper will schedule a certification class in December or January for any members who want to become certified.

A member reported observing unsafe shooting activities on our pistol range. He described the vehicle and provided a license plate number. The Trustees will investigate and take appropriate action.

A member suggested we have staggered terms for our Trustees to ensure continuity of leadership. The Trustees will consider it, but it would require a change in our governing document and require a special meeting to approve it.

Good of the Order

Bob Rose moved to adjourn, Jim Zeiter seconded the motion. The motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Harper, Recording Secretary

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